1. Anonymous said: If Jack is Batman, who would Terri be? Wonder Woman?

    [[I think Terri would make a great Green Lantern, since willpower is sort of their thing, and her’s. So have a quick doodle of that~]]


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  2. askarandomcitizen said: (( v=l9BsF7uibVg YOOOOOOOOOOOOO ))


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  3. askanalteredcitizen-deactivated said: ►Bring Terri Jones to me.

    No. No no no no. 

    The sniper clutched its head, trying to block out the command. It couldn’t do that— it wouldn’t do. No no no, not that. Never that. She was a friend she was Terri. She was… she was… she was a target. 

    A simple objective. 

    "…acknowledged…" came the weak buzz from the sniper.

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  4. [[I see what you did there waifu. In an AU I might let this fly >w>]]

    [[I see what you did there waifu. In an AU I might let this fly >w>]]

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  5. Anonymous said: au where BEEEEEEEEES

    [[Waifu I know that’s you, and we already did this AU]]image[[Bee!Panther is still glorious though]]

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  6. askarandomcitizen said: ((Hold Your Colour, Pendulum?))

    [[ooooh interesting choice O.o might go over well actually]]

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  7. askarandomcitizen said: ((WHat if Jack had an on-board printer? yes this is a stupid one shh))

    [[They would print all the dumb things ever, the end.]]

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  8. askarandomcitizen said: J-Jack? Are you ... okay?

    The sniper curls in on itself.

    Keep the thoughts separate. The continual white noise— the commands and information. They are not you. ignore them ignore them ignore them. 

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  9. askarandomcitizen said: Jack? Where are you? I ... I'm going to get you, alright?

    Oh hey look words. What funny little things those are. The sniper isn’t really sure what to say so it doesn’t respond.

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  10. askarandomcitizen said: ★

    ((Jack defines Terri as its best friend. She’s the one who saved it from rusting in an alleyway all those months ago, and she’s kept an eye on it ever since.

    Jack loves Terri’s enthusiasm for history, sharing it to some degree. It feels it can trust Terri with most things (though it doesn’t like to be a bother), and it hopes the sentiment is returned. 

    As you’ve no doubt heard by now, she’s the beep to its boop, and Jack feels that won’t be changing any time soon.))

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